ABLE Families

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Afterschool Program

Our Afterschool program operates in a large, kid-friendly space where children are offered enriching activities, homework help, social skill-building, exercise, and a nutritious meal. Our Afterschool room is stocked with hundreds of great children’s books in excellent condition. You can find digital stories created by a few of our past Afterschool students and staff here.

In-Home Family Education

ABLE Families provides an in-home family education program for pregnant women and mothers of children up to four years old, called the Maternal Infant Health Outreach Worker (MIHOW) Program.  Accredited by Vanderbilt University, this important program is designed to improve maternal and child health, parenting skills, and child development.  We also offer instruction in infant massage and good discipline techniques.  The MIHOW regional coordinator offered this comment after a recent site visit:  “ABLE Families’ program is the shining star not only of the West Virginia programs, but of all the MIHOW programs.” Our home visiting program also uses the PAT (Parents as Teachers) program. Parents as Teachers uses the approach to partner, facilitate and reflect. It is an evidence based program that we are more than proud to be a part of.

Nutrition Education

Supper in a Sack is our award-winning, seven-week nutrition education program.  It includes instruction in nutrition, hands-on meal preparation, food budgeting, sit-down lunches, and seminars on improving life-skills. The ABLE Families site includes a state of the art kitchen facility for all on-site sessions.  Sometimes we take the program on the road to other West Virginia locations.

Summer Camps

ABLE Families operates six or seven separate camps for children throughout the summer that offer a variety of enriching activities to keep children thinking, exercising, and eating well.  Past camps have covered  cooking, outdoor living, drama, dance, and many other topics.  We provide transportation for the kids as needed to the day-camps which usually last one week each.   Come join our Jr. Chef camp where children  learn to cook simple and attractive meals.